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About Sassy Posh Urban Boho Style


Sassy Posh Has two types of Buyers, and it's important to know the difference.  The Sassy:

This is the Young, the Trendy Edgy Style, these don't care about quality they only care about getting the cheapest trediest look for now.  They don't care if it lasts years because once they wear it one or two times it's going to the bottom of their closet and they will be wearing something different according to the lastest Trends-Look for Sassy Items.

The Posh:

This is the 'older and classic'.  These want quality and don't mind paying a little more for that great construction and best materials.  These are the ones who plan on wearing the items they buy and they want their items to stand up to wear and care.  These Look for the Posh.  

We here at Sassy Posh cater to both.  Whether you are the Sassy or the Posh-We have something for you. Thanks for looking!

Thank you,

S Hollaway

12035 Macon Rd., Collierville, TN 38017
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